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Period Cup Australia provides period cups for ensuring worry-free period cycles. Each one of our period cups that allow you to enjoy and focus on your hobbies and activities while producing minimal waste.

Why Our Period Cup?

Most of us experience a high level of discomfort during period days and we become even more stressed when our sanitary napkins and tampons fail to provide sufficient absorbency and cause leaks and stains. The use of these menstrual products also leads to generation of wastes that eventually accumulate and harm the environment.

The key to having more manageable period days is finding innovative menstrual products that are designed to keep both your reproductive health and the environment at their best.

Period Cup Australia provides menstrual cups that allow you to enjoy and focus on your hobbies and activities while producing minimal waste.

Many people are now looking into the option of switching to menstrual cups because they see the product’s effectiveness in avoiding leaks and in helping the environment at a reasonable cost.

At Period Cup Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For a more detailed specifications of our period cup, please click here.


Why Period Cups?

✔ Made of soft, 100% medical-grade silicone and free of BPA and latex, which makes it safe for use and easy to insert in the vagina;

✔ Provides leak-free and comfortable protection for up to 10 hours;

✔ Easy to wash and reuse and can last up to 15 years with proper usage and cleaning;

✔ Helps reduce flow rate, menstrual cramps, and risk of gynecological inflammation;

✔ Economical and helps lessen wastes caused by disposable and individually packaged products; and

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What Our Clients Say

I was accustomed to using sanitary napkins during my monthly cycle because I thought it was the easiest and most convenient product to use. But during days of heavy flow, I had to change my sanitary napkin every three or four hours to avoid leaks and stains. Stains are the worst and they could get really embarrassing! My friend told me to try this menstrual cup and it really delivered great results. It is so effective in avoiding leaks and so comfortable that sometimes, I just forget that I have it inside me. I can do my tasks for hours on end without worrying about changing it. Menstrual cups are my go-to period care products now.Judy A.


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