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What is A Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is a soft, structured cup that is folded and inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluids. Once the cup is filled or close to being filled, it is carefully removed by slightly pinching the bottom of the cup to eliminate the suction effect and pulling on the cup’s tail. The contents of the cup are then discarded and the cup is thoroughly washed before being stored or reused.

Common Features of Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are typically made of medical-grade silicone that is free of toxic chemicals to ensure that they do not irritate or dry out the vaginal walls. They are soft enough to fit and outline the end of the vaginal canal and to provide comfort even to the most active of women.

Typically, a menstrual cup can be used for up to 10 hours and can be removed by pulling on a tail with an adjustable length. It avoids leaks when properly inserted due to the suction effect in the vaginal canal. It can be safely reused after simple cleaning and maintenance methods.

Menstrual cups are available in different sizes and colours. Sizes differ for women who are under 25 years old or have not given birth and for women who are over 25 years old or have given birth.

Our line has several offerings for you and below is our simple and quick guide on which to purchase depending on the size suitable for you and your colour preference.

Small. Recommended for women under 25 years old or who have not given birth. This size has the following colour variants:

  • Small clear
  • Small pink
  • Small purple

Large. Recommended for women over 25 years old or who have given birth. This size has the following colour variants:

  • Large clear
  • Large pink
  • Large purple


Why Use A Menstrual Cup? Here Are Reasons Why You Should

A high-quality menstrual cup provides greater protection from leaks and irritation compared to conventional menstrual products, such as sanitary napkins and tampons. Since it is in the vaginal canal and not used externally, it avoids bacteria and menstrual fluids from being in direct and prolonged contact with the skin, thus avoiding itchiness and rashes. The suction effect on the cup in the vaginal canal ensures that the collected fluid stays in the cup and keeps from leaking externally.

Being washable and reusable, menstrual cups are also effective in cutting costs for menstrual care and in decreasing the adverse impact of discarded menstrual products and their packaging to the environment.

The number of women who consider menstrual cups as a smart alternative to conventional menstrual products has been increasing because of the numerous benefits of the product not only to them, but also to the community.

Menstrual cups give you comfort and hours-long protection from leaks and stains and they can be used for many years with proper use, cleaning, and storage.
Menstrual cups are the best option for women who are looking for an economical, stress-free, and guilt-free option in menstrual care.

Caring for Your Menstrual Cup

It is recommended to clean your menstrual cup before first use in every monthly cycle. With clean hands, wash the cup with water and mild, fragrance-free soap. Dry the cup in natural air or by using clean toilet paper. This cleaning method must also be done after every use once the contents of the cup have been discarded. The cup must be thoroughly dried before it is reused or stored.

Guaranteed Best Price

The price of menstrual cups differs according to size, which determines the level of comfort and effectiveness the cup can provide to the user. It is important to note that buying a menstrual cup is a small but significant lifestyle change which helps boost your reproductive health and greatly diminishes the amount of waste you produce. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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