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Menstrual Cup-Small Pink

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This Menstrual Cup-Small Pink is a soft cup enough to fit and outline the end of the vaginal canal and to provide comfort even to the most active of women. It is convenient and totally safe to use.

Additional, this menstrual cup creates a comfortable seal which prevents the leakage without irritating and drying out the natural lining of your vaginal walls. Say goodbye to using tampons or sanitary pads and welcome menstrual cups!

  • A great alternative to commonly used pads and other menstrual period solution;
  • Cost effective as it amount is minimal as compared to the cost of regular pads, tampons, organic pads, cloth pads;
  • Helps reduce menstrual cramps and lowers flow rate because the cup does not not interfere with the body’s natural flow;
  • Soft and comfortable to use as it is made of high quality silicone;
  • Safe medical grade silicone that is used exclusively in the medical and food industries;
  • Stem can be adjusted easily as to the most suitable length;
  • Perfect optimum size and designed shape with a smooth surface that fits vaginal structure for easy use and maintenance;
  • Five (5) flow holes that effectively help to improve airiness in order to quickly collect menstruation into the cup; and
  • Reusable and easy to clean and maintain.

How To Use (Instructions):

How To Insert

1. Wash your hand thoroughly and the menstrual cup with soap and water.
2. Fold the menstrual cup to form a U-Shape.
3. Gently insert menstrual cup in your vagina.
4. Rotate the cup to ensure that it is fully open.

How To Remove

1. Crouch down.
2. While holding the cup, push it slightly to allow some air to enter and gently pull out the cup.
3. Hold the bottom of the cup while releasing to prevent any spilling.
4. Clean the menstrual cup and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water; use hand disinfectant as well.
5. Clean and dry the menstrual before putting it back to the carrying package.


Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Materials — FDA Approved Silicone
Use For — Women’s Period or Moon Day
Colour — Clear, Pink, Purple

Package Includes: 1 x Menstrual Cup-Small Pink


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